Statutory Inspections

Thorough examinations and inspections of lifting equipment

Safe and successful lifting operations depend, in large part, on the continued safety of the lifting equipment and accessories that are used. Failures in this kind of equipment can result in significant or even fatal injuries. Health and safety law therefore places a number of specific obligations on those providing, controlling and using lifting equipment to properly manage these risks. (Source HSE) Employers should ensure that lifting equipment is thoroughly examined (normally once or twice a year but, in some cases, this may be more or less frequent)Guidance can be found at

What are the specified intervals for regular thorough examinations?

Unless there is an ‘examination scheme’ specifying other intervals, thorough examinations should be conducted every:

  • 6 months, for lifting equipment and any associated accessories used to lift people
  • 6 months, for all lifting accessories (Slings, shackles etc)
  • 12 months, for all other lifting equipment

One call to HTS will get the examination process booked. HTS will come to your site and carry out the thorough examination on your equipment. The engineer will complete a report in line with LOLER regulations . The report will be mailed to you for you to keep on record.

What is included

What machines do HTS inspect?

  • Excavators
  • Telescopic material handlers
  • Tractor with fore end loader

What machines do HTS inspect?

  • Chain slings
  • Webbing slings
  • Wire rope slings
  • Shackles
  • Forklift jib attachments
  • Eye bolts
  • Job specific accessories