Emergency Spill kits & Absorbents

This training course is designed to train site personnel in the methods  of  containing and controlling workplace spills so as to minimise  the  effects  and to limit danger  to  persons,  the  environment  and property

Aims of the course

To train candidates in the necessary procedures and practical use of emergency Spill kits & Absorbents  for  dealing  with,  leaks and spills on site.

Objectives By the end of the course the candidates will be able to:

  • Identify the basic construction, purpose and function of components and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges.
  • Introduction
  • Legislation Overview and Pollution
  • Prevention Guidelines
  • Duties and  responsibilities within  Environmental Legislation
  • Site survey and  identification of  risk areas and  local topography
  • Implementation of the  spill management and  risk reduction  programme
  • Consequences for non-compliance
  • Information sources including  Material Safety  Data Sheets
  • Spill response drill and record keeping
  • Types and limitations of spill kits
  • Types and limitations of  absorbents
  • Consideration for additional equipment (Signs, barriers and firefighting equipment)
  • Personal protective  equipment requirements
  • Identification and  marking of at  risk areas
  • Emergency pollution  containment  and control
  • Cleaning of chemical spills and residual risks
  • Debriefing of spill  control team  (Learning from experience)
  • Communication and reporting (internal & external)

Aims of the course

To provide candidates with theoretical and practical ability to operate a Telescopic Material Handler above or below 9 meters in accordance with manufacturers guidance, HSE codes of practice and company systems of work.

Learning approach
The theory part of the training which is approximately 70% of the course will be delivered in a classroom environment, which will be tutor lead, with support of presentation material. The remaining 30% of the course will be practical based.

Assessment Candidates will complete both theory and practical tests as set by LANTRA Awards

Duration: 1Day       Ratio: 8 Candidates to 1 instructor